Dances of Some Countries

      Dance art of various countries differs, and now I want to tell a little bit about it. In Africa dance since age was performed at weddings, after successful hunting or harvesting. Indeed, they celebrated with dances all the important events of human life. Dances are always accompanied by a drumbeat, singing and clapping. African dancers usually move on slightly bent legs, beating off the rhythm of the feet. They bend and straighten up looking jerky or flexible movements, rotating and shaking his hips, clap hands and join in a song. Not so long ago, many new dance styles appeared, combining African and American dances. Step dance is a combination of old dance that served in wooden uppers, Irish pat and African dance; jazz dance and musicals also used a lot of movements of African dances. Caribbean and Latin American dance styles also have experienced the influence of African dance. In every corner of the Earth have their folk dances. For example, the most famous folk dance in the UK - Morris. Different types of dance, executed in wood uppers, exist in the UK, Ireland and the United States. Now most popular dances are used for entertainment, but many years ago, they danced with defined objectives. It was believed that some folk dances bring luck and good harvests. Many of the dances included in religious ceremonies. In the Far East people dressed in costumes of Lions or dragons and danced to banish evil spirits. The Maori from New Zealand performed warlike dances to please the gods of war and frighten the enemy. Dry land people, for example, the aborigines of Australia or indigenous people of North America, performed rain dances to propitiate the gods of heaven and convince them to send down rain. Often people are dancing, gathering together to have fun. Sometimes the dancers stand in a circle, sometimes form a procession, the ones building up or operation. There is a pair of Ballroom dances such as the waltz and quick-step, Latin American, salsa, tango and modern-rock-n-roll and Jive. In a club people dance like they want. There are not certain pas or shapes in such dances.