Dancing was popular all over the world throughout the history. People danced on different occasions: during the rites, feasts, for the sake of entertainment and fun. Many dances have cultural and historical significance. Each dance has a peculiar movement – pas, these skills are called technics. Some of the dances are intended for execution in the presence of spectators. They often have their own storyline, reflect the thoughts and feelings. There are dances that involve all of us. We become participators of the process and start looking for suitable shoes that can be easily found online Steve Madden Coupon. Choreography is originally a record of the dance, then – the art of his compositions. The idea for the dance is sometimes served in literary works, paintings and musical plays. Choreographers work with dancers; show them the various pas, creating a certain image and effect. They define the sequence of movements; choose a few pas, called the primary motive, which is repeated in the dance. This helps the audience to perceive, feel the dance. The choreographer works with decorator and composer seeking harmony of all components of the dance. Dance movements can be recorded. Dance troupe often write dances on videotape, collecting archive. Modern theatre of dance, there are less than 100 years. Its founders were such dancers as Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey in the United States, and Marie Mary Wigman in Germany. They have created the pas, capable to transmit emotions or mental condition. In the 50 's. 20th century choreographer Merce Cunningham and others began to dance, in which the movement is nothing more than a movement, not a means of expressing emotions or ideas. In 60-70-ies dancers in the style of the buttons appearing initially in the United States, rejected a formal dance technique and began to develop a more free flowing movement. They used in dance walking, running, turning, stopping. Now you will learn about dancing of different countries and about modern phenomenon as Tango-therapy.